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Amazon in Washington, District Of Columbia - Gift Card Refund?

I purchased a book through Amazon with a holiday gift card. The seller cancelled the order, but you can not get refunds on a gift card. I got passed off from one CSR with a heavy accent to another, neither of which I could completely understand. They asked me the same questions repeatedly, before I had to ask for a supervisor. The supervisor acted like he was doing me a huge favor giving me my money back. After the two CSR's before him my patience was running thin. BAD SERVICE!
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You are only charged for an order when it ships. If the seller cancelled the order, you were never charged. Your story is bs.

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Amazon in Washington, District Of Columbia - Cell phone scam from seller from China.

Six weeks ago I made the biggest mistake of the year. I purchased an LG G2 cell phone from a third party seller called Highway. The phone was advertised as shipping from Singapore and guaranteed to work on Verizon. When the phone arrived, I was shocked to note it shipped from Ghanzhou (Canton) China. The phone looked good and I took it to a Verizon store for a SIM card. The telephone worked but it would not connected to the network. After two long visits to the Verizon store and hours online, it was determined the phone was defective. I knew it would be a nightmare to return to China. Highway man assured me the phone was tested and in working order. After much protest, I received an authorization to return the defective phone. It was only after I read two Highway reviews stating that the seller is running a scam and the phone does not connect to the Verizon internet. I have never mailed anything internationally and took the phone to the post office. I followed the instructions to the T I receive from Amazon. It cost $13 to mail and would have cost $50 to insure. I I did not want to dish out $63 for a $200 phone and reluctantly mailed the phone to China - not Singapore which is a developed country. Needless to say, Highway said he never received the phone now 6 weeks later. MY COMPLAINTS TO AMAZON HAVE FALLEN ON DEAF EARS. I WAS TOLD I SHOULD HAVE INSURED THE PACKAGE AND TOO BAD. I even sent a written letter to Amazon Consumer Affairs and this is the first time in my life a consumer affairs department has not even sent and acknowledgement. Interestingly, when I click on the phone I purchased, it's directed to another seller. Read the reviews for Highway yourself. I've now been screwed out of $200 and have learned my lesson. Unfortunately, my Prime is paid for until February but my relationship with Amazon is over. Also unfortunately is that Amazon has become almost like a utility. I have discovered other similar websites. I have to shell out another $200 for a phone I purchased directly from Verizon.
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Amazon in Washington, District Of Columbia - Says it shipped, tracking says so, but didn't

I ordered a car part. They say it shipped. UPS tracking shows it traveling across country. But then it never arrives. Come to find out that UPS does not scan Amazon products. They trust Amazon to report they actually send things. The scans are all lies. Just scans of bulk things like trucks. It NEVER made it to UPS, despite 5 scans in different cities saying where "it was". Fabrications and lies. I now must pay for longer rental car to account for over a week of waiting for nothing. Had I known it was never shipped, I could have ordered another part well before now.
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Last Saturday I received confirmation that an Amazon package had been shipped with a tracking number. When I checked this morning six days later it still hasn't left the city in which it originates from.

Last time ordered the same, from the same company, it was on my doorsteps I thought in four days. Don't know is going on with these sellers tied up with Amazon.

You want to believe the best of them and want to believe Amazon is looking out for the sellers, but after doing some read on this site and others it is becoming clear that Amazon business model needs some reworking and have better people in charge.


Beware that "tracking" for shipments is totally bogus. If a vendor uses USPS, all they have to do is buy postage online to have the item "in transit," even if it is actualiy out of stock. If they ship UPSMI, the item is shipped UPS to your local post office, and unless your local PO is a USPS sectional center, odds are it then is gging to take 3-5 additional days to be shipped. But UPS will list it as "delivered" when they mail it.

Amazon makes no real effort to ensure the integrity of their partners or the validity of shipping info.

If it is not a digital download, eBay is better.


For years I used Amazon, big ticket (over $100) purchases, others were just a few dollars. If what I needed had lots of positive reviews I felt it was a safe purchase. Never a problem. I blindly assumed everyone shopping on Amazon had similar experiences.

I now agree Amazon needs to step up their game. They are not addressing customer issues other than refunding money. Repeated ignoring the seed of the problems means that the same thing happens to customers over and over. ( And makes the seller mad cause usually the refund comes from their pockets) The real issue which it is Amazon's duty to resolve get swept under the carpet.

It is hard to believe UPS bulk Amazon mailings are not individually rechecked but suppose it happens. Amazon sellers do the same - accept money and don't double check the original listing information, sending buyers something they never wanted.

The point to be made for ANY Amazon purchase I have come to understand is Amazon is mega large - to large. They like all businesses have become sloppy and they take short cuts. Customer Service is mainly either misleading the customer with vague or false representations or blaming the seller.

Perhaps this is straying from the original post but I notice tracking information is not reliable. I was notified by an Amazon seller an item being sent by DHL. Tracking showed it got within 250 miles from my house where it then sat at least 72 hours before it was then turned over to USPS and delivered by the mailman. I live in a highly urban area. I can mail out via DHL from a substation, within 3 miles of my house, but perhaps DHL doesn't have trucks in my area to deliver? I have to assume DHL knows how long an item takes to get to my house but the seller nor the shipper tell me.

Another item took a long time to arrive. Tracking was provided within 24 hours of placing the order but the package didn't move for at least three days maybe it was even a week. I later read some Amazon sellers will wait until they get bulk orders, usually 300 orders, then mail them all together cause they get cheaper rates.

Lesson to be learned is Amazon is a business and no matter their past successes they are not 100% reliable. Amazon from the start has not been transparent in their business practices to the public. (Some of the comments on this particular site seem to be native or maybe outright dishonest in their zeal to defend Amazon) If Amazon is unable to be ethical and uphold the standards THEY PROFESS customers will go elsewhere. It isn't a slam against Amazon it is Business 101.

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Update by user Jul 19, 2012

Added on July 19- The reason I bought this item from Amazon was because I was offered a $30 discount if I applied and was accepted for an Amazon Chase credit card. The card arrived today and the package is still 2 days and 37 miles away!

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2012

I ordered 2 items- one eligible...
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I used to love prime but it is going down hill. AMAZON is getting greedy and the prices aren't even that good anymore.

Brought all HALLOWEEN candy last year way overpriced THIS YEAR. wALMART got that 100.00 business.

not sure why amazon doesn't have the same level of overhead.

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I bought a Amazon Kindle fire

I bought a Amazon Kindle fire , for 199 + tax in december, it's a present for my sister in Uruguay... I asked specifically it's that tablet works there , the Best Buy associate said YES , I send it to my country , when arrived my sister saw it and doesn't work!!!! I went to the store to see what happened and the sale associate says they didn't know about this things when they sold me this tablet, they know that it's not working out of USA around two month ago My question is... why they don't know about your products??? They want to give me to me 38 dollars back.... It's crazy because is new just open I don't care it's 5 months later cause it's not my fault, I send it in a container ship that why took more time....Now I'm waiting for a solutions
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So, you're upset with Amazon for not training BestBuy employees about products in their stores?

Seems like you'd be better off going to complain to Best Buy, just my two cents though.

If you'd bothered doing some research before you purchased the Fire, this could have been avoided.

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Amazon in Washington, District Of Columbia - Claims they have free shipping & then charges shipping

I have made 3 phone calls to try to clear up 2 problems with The last person hung up on me because she didn't know what to do. I ordered shoes that ended up being were too big and I wanted to return them. I read on Amazon that I could return the item with no postage charge. When I attempted to go to returns on the amazon site it said that it could find no purchases. That was the first problem. The first person I called couldn't find my order. I called back again later in the day- they found my order but couldn't get me to access it. They then sent me a return label that required postage. On the third call to amazon the employee hung up on me. The order still doesn't show up on my account. I have the Order ID.
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Amazon in Washington, District Of Columbia - Used items as new

I am determined to have amazon admit they willingly sell used items as new. rec'd another used item today, dirty, scratched, ***, the *** previous owner jacked up the packing material--backwards with a mess of tape to make it work, and am left with a 50lb shredder with loads of used confetti to return. initially they expected me to return at my cost but they remedied the return. contrary to some, I have no trouble tracking down support or making progress once they know of the problem, but their insistence they do not sell used items as new no longer washes. this item was so used I refuse to accept "mix-up." how can it be explained? do they put the used/returned/refurbs with the new items? surely not, so a "mix-up" is out. it is time for amazon to admit they knowingly push used items as new just like a two-bit low-end seller. I recommend a push from those suffering the same fate to demand they acknowledge misrepresenting used as new. account closed as soon as the remainder of the same order completes. I have had it will companies pushing used as new. pushing back.
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Back I June, I bought a pair of Sketcher sneakers. Since I have nerve pain, and these seemed to help, I decided to order a 2nd pair.

The 2nd pair came in a blank cardboard box (not a Switchers box) with white tissue paper (again, not Sketchers), no cardboard that goes in the shoes, labels and a pamphlet. I emailed Amazon. They acted like it was an isolated incident and sent me a new pair of shoes and assured me they will have everything and it did.

The other day, I ordered hiking boots. They came in the correct box, but when I opened it up, there was the incorrect *** white tissue paper, no cardboard in the shoes and they clearly have been warned.

The the heck???? These are $200 shoes so I do not want to see that they were worn. Called Amazon and the girl on the phone was afraid to send me a replacement, but she did. Received the overnighted replacement.

The shoes look better, but the tag was cut off, same white *** tissue paper (not the brand name like a previous shoe I have) and no cardboard inside the shoe.

This is a waste of my time. I am so disappointed and frustrated.

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Amazon.Com Uses Misleading Photos
Recently I tried to purchase some Toro lawnmower parts on The site included a photo fo a small plastic bag with the pinion gears i wanted and the lettering qty 5. The photo showed 5 gears in the bag. The normal person would assume the bag of 5 is one...
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Most the images you see for products on Amazon are Generic images, or images uploaded by one of the several sellers selling an item. This is one of the biggest things I hate about Amazon.

They make sellers list item with the UPC label... Lets say a computer has been upgraded (memory, ect) The amazon listing will still show the original specifications. The only recourse a seller has is to put extra info in the "condition" section.

I'm surprised so many shop on Amazon.... I find eBay much more accurate (each listeing created individually) so you know what you are getting.

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This company Amazon has to deivered your packages that you ordered through amazon has no clue on how to deliver,They are criminals that likes to picked up young girls in your community and they lose your packages. They come in your gated community with a run down...
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I have had a similer experience with LaserShip in my area (NoVa), I ordered a book, a textbook in fact, a fairly expensive textbook, from Amazon and it was delevered by this LaserShip company, I ordered it with my free 2 day shipping expecting to get it on the third day (as is usual with 2-day amazon shipping), well on the third day it was no where to be found, ate dinner, still nothing, 8pm came and went, nothing, then as I was going to bed I happened to look out front and what do I see but a book shaped box sitting on the grass in the middle of the front yard! oh, and it rainied that night....

I called LaserShip and they told me that it was delevered around noon, and that their employees are to ring the doorbell and are not ever supposed to leave a package in the yard (DUH!). I called Amazon and the rep on the phone told me that they have had many complaints about this shipper in the past and that they were reevaluating thier shipping Carriers.

Well a year later I order a (very expensive) Phone and guess who is shipping it.... we will see if they do any better this time...

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Contact Amazon Customer Service

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United States
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This Company is a Joke they hire a company called laser ship to deliver your packages and these people arrived in a old broke down vehicle, They do not come in a commerical vehicle I will be reporting this at the next HOA meeting here in Atlanta to keep these people...
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The worst delivery service I've ever experienced. They claim to have attempted my delivery 20 minutes ago but no one was home.

The only problem is I am sitting on my couch five feet from the front door. Even worse is that this is the third time they have attempted a phantom delivery. I have not had a door tag left on any of my attempted deliveries and twice I have called customer service and requested the package be left on my porch which I was told would not be a problem. Yet I still have no package.

This is inconceivable to me I can't understand how a company can operate so poorly. Stick with UPS or FedEx!

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