I'm Mark and I am an ArtFire seller who was accepting Amazon Payments as one of my payment methods. When I made my first sale, the customer paid me through Amazon Payments. I then looked into when I would be able to transfer the funds to my bank account so I could pay a couple of bills and learned about this "reserve" amount. Okay, fine. So I have to wait 14 days before funds will be released so I can transfer them to the bank.

So, 14 days pass and I check to see if the funds were released. Nope. I contacted their Customer Service deparment to inquire about my funds because the 14 days passed. I received a generic response email with no name of who was responding. They informed me they would be in my account the next day. Okay, fine.

Next day, Day 15, I look and still my funds have not been released. So, I send another email to them. I get another generic, nameless email back at 5 minutes to 5:00 PM saying they'd be there by the next day. *sigh* FINE

Day 16 comes...again, no funds released. So, I email them yet again and get a single-sentence email response at 5:30 pm saying that they requested I wait until the end of the day...in a rude tone.

Day 17, today, NO FUNDS RELEASED. So, I emailed them with a semi-strongly worded letter without swearing, but somewhat threatening to tell a lot of people how they seem to conduct business for sellers (I know, like it would make a bit of difference right?) and I get a response back within a half an hour, from someone named Sara L. (at least a name was given this time, of course that's probably a fake name) saying they're so sorry to hear I couldn't access my funds (yeah, right) and that they'd send my email to the proper person to handle this situation. Okay, fine. It is now 5:38 PM and I never did hear back from anyone, which means that they're going to be sitting on my funds all weekend.

I'm already aware that the reason they do this cacamaime thing is so my money and money of other sellers sits in their accounts accruing interest for another day. So it's all based on their own greed!!!

I've stopped accepting amazon payments in my ArtFire studio and so far, I haven't started making blog posts about this because I don't want to be one of these angry people who go all viral and spew *** all over the internet to humiliate the company that pissed me off. Not yet. I want to be fair about this and patient, but inside my blood is boiling because I can't stand greedy bastards who do this *** to people like myself and others who rely on income from sales. So now, thanks to Amazon Payments, I can't pay a bill or buy some food or get some gas in my car. I'm awaiting a disability appeal because I've had HIV since 1996 and was given an AIDS diagnosis last year, plus I have severe back pain, so I'm limited as to what I can do now. Believe me, this alone drives me crazy because I've always loved working (Admin Assistant). But now I rely on these online sales to survive while my partner is supporting me until we hear back about disability.

Anyway, probably more than you all need to know but I don't want to come across as someone who is just being impatient for no reason.

Well I've said my peace and i know complaining about it here will not do a thing for me. I am hoping to find the email of someone higher up that I can write an actual letter to about this. Again, not that anything I say will matter to them since they are so into withholding people's income so they can accrue interest. Bastards. They make me sick! Never again Amazon Payments, NEVER AGAIN!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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