I submitted an application to Amazon for a driver's position, and I was harshly discriminated by the interviewer due to my disability. At the Miami warehouse 37 ave NW 123 st

User's recommendation: Don't apply.

Location: Miami, Florida

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I'm sure it's all in your head. They just didn't want you..

Move on. Just because you have a disability doesn't mean you're an auto hire.


I agree


You both do not get it do you. Why not cry discrimination when things do not go your way.

It is a lot easier than admit that you were not qualified for the job. Yeah it is wrong and cowardly. But why admit you are not good enough for the job when you can be a coward and lie and claim you were discriminated against. This person has a huge ego and thinks he or she is better than everyone else.

When they do not get the job they feel like they were entitled to they claim discrimination. It spares them from knowing they are losers and not qualified for the job.