I ordered a product from them from Amazon. I decided to cancel it through the Amazon cancellation process.

The next day, 24 hours after I sent the cancellation notice, they still shipped the product. Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products is a scam and not honest. AVOID Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products. Amazon is usually okay but this vendor is a crook.

The customer service is smug and ignorant.

Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products is nothing but a thief and no one should buy from them. I have filed a complaint with Amazon so I will get my money back, but Discount Hookahs and Tobacco Products are thieves.

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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #802077
What are you High? :x

Don't place an order on something online you don't want. You sound like an ignorant consumer who has no right to bash a distributor for your indecision. Sounds to me like they did their jobs and nothing wrong.

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