San Diego, California
Not resolved

I spend about two hours putting items in the cart. Paid for it and I noticed that there were still 11 items in the cart that FOR SOME REASON didn't get included in the purchase.

Called amazon and they replaced the order for the remaining 11 items. Hung up and noticed that there were STILL 3 ITEMS not included called again and order finally placed. Got a notice on my phone that the order had been delivered. Nope it hadn't.

So I called back and they said it had been delivered to an obscure address from my address list from 4 years ago!!! So I had to drive over at 10pm to someone's house to get my groceries. Now it's Christmas Eve (morning) and I have everything laid out to cook the dinner and missing 4 of the items from the order and am being told they will refund me for those items and that's it.

Christmas Eve dinner and I have to leave with two small children is holiday shopping mayhem to get my own things anyway. I HATE THEM.

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