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I ordered t-shirts for a family gift exchange. When I ordered the shirts, it stated they would get here by 12/24/18.

As I consistently checked status of the order, one t-shirt status was changed to arrive on 01/02/19. I accepted it because the other t-shirt still reflected it would get here on 12/24/18. This morning I checked status and it reflected it was going to arrive on 12/26/18. When I contacted Amazon thru their chat service, by the time I ended the conversation, I had spoken to 4-5 different representatives and had to explain my story every time.

I ended up cancelling the order. Now I have to show up to the family gathering with no gift for them. Amazon did not care nor offered anything in return.

So disappointed since every one brags about their excellent customer service. My experience with them was anything but excellent today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Store Location: San Diego, California

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Actually, given that Amazon's shipping arrival dates of late bears no resemblance to reality, there was no real guarantee that the package they said would arrive on the 26th would actually show up on your doorstep----or, if delivered by the USPS to some stranger down the street or not at all. Amazon may use carriers like FedEx but specifies the use of FedEx Smartpost which means FedEx delivers to the local post office which is supposed to deliver to you.

Which is not always the case. This method is cheaper for Amazon but rather haphazzard due to the inefficiency of the USPS. At least you cancelled the order and stores are still open tonight, Christmas eve. This is why paying online for anything other than a credit card is so dangerous.

At least, with a credit card your money is not gone instantly as with a debit card.

There are many other places to shop online than at Amazon. Try some.