It is more than disappointing, that I ordered a storage cabinet in December 2 days after I got out of the hospital from almost dying with Cove. I have waited and waited.

The due date of arrival kept being moved and moved and moved. We called. The last straw when is when it was moved to March 23rd. It had been not showing up in your shopping area as even anything you could buy for you over a week.

So I canceled my order.

Almost immediately after my cancellation, I looked back on there and there was a cabinet by the same company, but instead of having two doors on the front of the cabinet- it had four doors.

It was not any better.

It was not any more special, it just had four small doors instead of two large doors which was very unattractive.

The interesting thing was that the price went up over $100.

So you figure if someone orders a product at a lesser price and you do not feel like you are getting enough money - or the manufacturer changes the style slightly and charges more- you just put them off and put them off in till the customer cancels it and then try to cheat them into making them buy a more expensive one.

I think thats really lousy. I know by how fast that other cabinet showed up after my cancellation - and that this was not a coincidence.

We are very disappointed that you would do businesses way.

Location: Wasilla, Alaska

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