When I called on the 18th of nov to check on my order status I was told by the first person one story and I would definitely get package on the 20th well I didn't receive it on the 20th so I called again to find out what happened got the manager on the phone and he told me a different story and that I was going to receive half the 1st order by the 25th because one package was damage and had to be sent back so I ask when will I receive that second package he said I won't

Unless I request that they resend or a refund well I was sick of this already so I requested a refund , Then he says my order that I made by phone on the 18rh of November will be delivered by dec st but sir I never ordered anything on the 18th I was calling to find out about my order why would I order same item if I never received it the first time it doesn't make sense he says well someone took the order so I ask who was it what's the name he couldn't tell me he went to listen to my phone call and came back saying yes that he didn't hear me order would I care to drop order which I just decided to leave it on being its for my mom

When I called again I talked to a different manager he explained everything and said he would give me a discount on next order well I don't know if that's true.

User's recommendation: Make mutiple calls If you don't receive and item till you get the truth !

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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