Teeter class to relieve your back pain through inversion. It does relieve pressure for a very short time, then the pain returns due to compression from gravity.

The cost isn't worth the results. I'm a heavy man 260lbs, 5' 10" and it was hard to get it set up to accommodate my weight and was uncomfortable on my ackle's where it clamps you down. I used it for a couple weeks several times a day as it tells you on the box instructions but did not get the results I was looking for. Trying to return it is also a pain.

I bought it through Amazon and after four days, I'm still awaiting to receive a return label from Teeter.

If I don't receive the return label by end of the 48 hours I'm contacting Teeter directly. I wouldn't purchase this product unless you are in good physical shape in which case you probably wouldn't have back issues anyway.

User's recommendation: Ask your doctor about using this device prior to purchase.

Location: Milton, Florida

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