My order was placed with the instructions to deliver between 6am and 9 am on Monday, 11/15/21 inside my entryway The item ordered is a large furniture piece. I rearranged my work schedule to be home.

I began tracking the order at 6am at which time I was 6 stops away. Finally at 8:50 am the tracking changed to delivered. This was very disturbing because I was home waiting for the item which had not been delivered. At 8:55 am I called their customer service who kept telling me the item was delivered and I kept telling them it was not.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and when the Supervisor Elena got in the call offered a monetary credit after trying to insist the item was delivered.

The item was finally delivered at 9:16am and was not placed inside my entryway but was left outside my house in the driveway that was wet from rainfall the previous night.

The drivers lied about the time of delivery and I have them on camera with the time they arrived to my home which cannot de disputed. This is very annoying and unpleasant to treat custody in this fashion.

Ive only been extremely inconvenienced and now have to find someone to help me get the item up my front steps and into my house. Im pissed!!!

User's recommendation: think twice before scheduling a time/date for delivery with Amazon. They don’t honor it or contact you if they’re running late! They don’t care about your time.

Location: Morristown, New Jersey

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