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Amazon delivery services are definitely not up to par. I pay for prime to have items delivery fast, free, and with no hassle.

It’s saturday and some of my items should have been delivered today but usps never feels like delivering on Saturday so they said at my home or mailbox wasn’t able to be reached which is a lie. This is not the first time they have said that on a Saturday. The day they close early. And aren’t open on Sunday so I have to wait until Monday to PICK UP my items.

UPS says I wasn’t home but I live in an apartment complex so there’s always an option of leaving the package with the office which is more convenient than having me, the customer, drive to these locations and pick them up. I contacted amazon about this issue and they were no help. They told me to call ups and usps myself to deal with it.

So basically I pay $120 a year for great delivery service when it would be just the same to not pay for prime at all. Instead of 2 day delivery I get 5-7 days and I have to pick it up myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Pros: Diversity of products, Reviews from other customers.

Amazon Cons: Lies about free 2 day prime delivery, Late deliveries, Items not delivered, Prime price increase, Poor customer service.

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I don't get why your complaining about amazon delivery? Amazon is not the delivery agent for these two problems.

First usps what was the problem. You said you live in an apartment complex? Can they get in your building? I know if I can't get in my apartment buildings I'm not going to leave the package too many thefts.

If that is not your problem you need to contact your local postmaster.

Don't just talk to a supervisor but ask for the postmaster. If that doesn't fix the problem ask for the mpou or district managers number.


Amazon is the company we order from, they should be DIRECTLY responsible for non deliveries, late deliveries etc. That's the "deal" you get when you pay for Prime....and that deal ain't happening.