Melbourne, Victoria
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There has been a fraud case of delivering BRICKS instead of Sony Alpha A58Y 20.1MP Digital SLR Camera.The delivery was delayed by 1 day with respect to the original expected date i.e.

1st Aug '16. I received the product on 2nd Aug at around 5 pm. The parcel was tightly wrapped up in tapes. I paid the full amount along with delivery charge in cash.

After the delivery boy left with the money I paid, I found out that the seal of the package of the camera was broken when I opened the parcel. No sooner I realized that the whole box was in shambles and finally when opened, in place of a DSLR, there lied some BRICKS!


THIS CALLS FOR SERIOUS ACTION!!!It's a disgrace that one of the most trusted website as such Amazon has rendered this criminal offense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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If you payed but master card or Visa card just go to your bank and ask them to get money back and you will that's is best advice I can give you it worked for me just get money back through bank Amazon is a big company and your bank will go to them to get the money


LOL. This same thing happened to a buddy of mine in Chicago.

He was leaving an audio/visual electronics show at McCormick Place when a black guy approached him with a car stereo in in one hand and a car stereo in at box in the other hand. He offered him the car stereo in his hand cheap.

He then said he could get the one that was still in the box for the same price. He took the one in the box, got home and unwrapped it only to find bricks.