Amazon apparently is hiring contractors (white vans) to delivery packages to homeowners and like myself have experienced (at my condo unit) these lazy drivers who all they have to do is deliver, (not rocket science) yet they take the package and instead of leaving them in front of the recipients doors and take a picture they leave the package on the bottom of the main floor for the resident to pick up, knowing there has been so much theft regarding delivery services. The typical riders and they know who they are fail to be more customer oriented and do their job as expected, instead they go the easy route and put in below average effort.

If you don't like your job, find another.

And it doesn't look good on Amazon to hire these low lives. It's a shame.

User's recommendation: More extensive training of drivers and vetting of hires more affectively.

Amazon Cons: Failed to deliver package at address.

Location: Columbia, Maryland

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