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Update by user Nov 14, 2017

The seller refunded my money and amazon gave me a free month on my Prime membership.

Update by user Nov 14, 2017

I did receive the refund from the seller, after all. I also didn't have to pay this month's fee for Amazon Prime.

At least the seller and amazon treated me right considering this situation. For that I'm a happy camper.

Original review posted by user Nov 12, 2017

I used to love Amazon, and I've been with them for a long time, but, recently, their delivery company sucks. About three weeks ago, I received a notice stating my products could not be delivered.

I contacted them, and they gave me an, immediate, refund. Surprisingly, the very next day, the products showed up at my door. The week, after that, I had the same thing happen. Last week, I received a notice stating that my product was undeliverable, even though one of us was home the whole day.

Two times before this, I received a text saying my products were going to be delivered beyond the two day shipment agreement. This last one really upset the apple cart. I had bought a book to be sent to my daughter in N.C. I got a text stating it had been delivered.

I called my daughter asking her if she had gotten it. No. It wasn't delivered to her. (She is home all the time.) I did some checking with the tracking no.

and found out, somehow it ended up in WA. I went on chat, which they don't make easy for you. The result was that the representative contacted the seller, for me. Within a day, I received an email, from Planet Bookstore, stating the book had been lost by the delivery service, and since it was the only one they had, it could not be replaced with another one.

I have to give them credit, though, they promised me a refund and said if the book ends up being delivered, after all, to just keep it and not worry about sending it back. Frustrated, but knowing I couldn't do anything about it, I wrote back and agreed. I also received an email, from Amazon stating that I have my refund. I just called my credit company a few minutes ago, it still isn't back on my card.

I will keep checking to see if it is refunded. This was to be a belated, surprise, birthday gift my daughter has wanted for years. I, finally, told her what it was going to be since it wasn't going to her anyway. I was going to order another one, from a different seller.

Since she and her husband may be moving, she told me to just forget it for now, that she'll eventually get it. Yes she will, but I'm not so sure I want to order it through Amazon again. I don't know what is happening, but deliveries are just not what they used to be, from Amazon sellers. On the other hand, recently, I have gotten items, I ordered, the next day.

Their subscription service doesn't do what it's supposed to do, either. I changed the delivery for cat food, but they still sent it out on the previous one anyway. This was one of my, so-called, delayed deliveries that came on time. Because of their ineptness, I have ended up with free stuff.

They told me to cancel an order, which was not supposed to be delivered, at all. It showed up the next day anyway. I have been buying, online, for years and never have had this problem til now. My second complaint is, as a Prime Member, I feel we should not have to pay for videos, period.

I have found so many that ask for an extra fee, especially, if you want to watch the next season. I don't see how that is right for the customer. I never have paid for any and I never will. I can always find what I want to see through some other service.

Netflix and Amazon are the only services that do this. I cancelled Netflix.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Amazon Pros: Sellers offered refunds.

Amazon Cons: Delivery errors.

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You can watch literally every show on Amazon. I have yet to find one I can't watch.

Some cost, some don't.

If they had them all for free the Prime membership would be FAR more expensive than $99 a year. Licensing and rights to stream these shows isn't cheap.