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Recently had a friend get me a gift that was delivered by Amazon. That is to say, I was not expecting it.

Delivery vehicle was an unmarked car with dark-tinted windows. Driver initially pulled into my long driveway, all the way to garage, with inappropriate speed. I have never seen a delivery or other service vehicle pull into any driveway on my street. In my case, mailbox is on the front porch and my front walk is nearest the street in front of the house.

There is no reason any delivery vehicle should not just park in front of the house and approach the front door, let alone pull that far into my driveway. This presents so many safety concerns that I don't know where to start. First, had I been coming around the corner of my house or out of my garage, the driver could have hit me. For people who have children or pets...

I don't even want to suggest what could happen. Second, Amazon drivers are not in uniform and have unmarked vehicles. This is unacceptable. Vehicles should be clearly marked in some way and drivers should be uniformed.

This is common sense! Third, for the driver's safety and everyone else's, you should have policies about how and when vehicles approach people's homes. I have heard stories of packages being left on back porches and about deliveries occurring well after dark. Some of us live in or come from dangerous neighborhoods.

I would likely assume that anyone found that far onto my property, especially at night, is there for the wrong reasons and my first reaction would be to call the police and defend my home.

I will never even consider purchasing something from Amazon for myself or others, knowing what accidents or other issues could arise from these simple, negligent oversights. Fix this and be better!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Amazon does not deliver packages you ***.

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