On Nov.10 i ordered Lotitta winter fleece socks from Amazon.. I should have known there was a third party seller involved.

I would have not bothered.order#113-083****-599**** according to invoice this product Ed shipped 11/11/21. According to seller this was being shipped from China. I checked and someone already took a picture of where the item was left( destination-Maryland and claimed it was delivered today. As this was a little gift I called my cousin to see if she had gotten it and of course she said no.

I sent a picture that was left( supposedly her apartment) not her apartment and that shipment would not have gotten to the States in one day especially since i ordered after 5 pm. Truth be told I believe I am being targeted for whatever reason, however I can only go what the Amazon delivery says. As is the third incident. I am probed to believe someone is (petty) stealing and lying about delivery and sure as heck aint me.

Their customer is terrible and full of people i cant understand. Well i give up, use package was Not left at my cousins home nor mind( Im in Pennsylvania.

For 9.00 i shuffle my senior citizen self up but going to get legal assistance because this is the third time and i called they say do you want refunds? Not let us send again.

User's recommendation: Leave alone.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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