I am truly a pissed consumer! I am loyal and frequent Amazon Consumer.

This is the 4th time I've had the same issue. I place an order 3 or more day ahead of time to get a delivery on a Saturday, I wait all day on the delivery and it doesn't come!!! This last time was the last straw!!!! This item was needed for a big day the next day and it didn't come and caused major problems!!!!

I talk to supervisors and more and they apologize and all that, but nothing ever changes!!!!!!!!!

As much as I shop and love Amazon, I wish there was another company that I could shop with!!!! I am passed beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Reprimand these drivers, and track there were abouts!! If they are suppose to deliver until 9 or 10pm then they need to do it!!!!!!!!!

Location: Detroit, Michigan

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