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I am sick and tired of my packages going to some other door. I live in a condo and I understand that it might be a little confusing but with my name and my house number thats a little ridiculous to put it in front of somebody elses door.

My number is on my door. One time I had to go over into another building and get my package. Another time a gentleman come to my door and asked me if this was for you and I said yes thats who I am and he explained how many times he had packages delivered to his house that were mine. I think these drivers better get some more rest before they go out on their shifts.

Theyre in a hurry they want to get their shift done I understand but they should take a little bit more interest in reading where these packages go. Im going to cancel my membership if this happens one more time.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Syracuse, New York

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