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I am a prime customer supposedly.

I am moving to fort Lauderdale and after cleaning the apt, I decided to replace the oven tray because they were yellowish from the heat in the oven. So, I ordered one oven tray and I received it.

Then I noticed that the other try was also yellowish from the heat.

So I went back to the amazon website and clicked on the buy again tag and bought another oven tray. And since I am a prime customer, I received the oven tray in two days except was the wrong one. I contacted amazon and sent back the wrong oven tray.

I was supposed to receive on the November 26 but I dont d not received it so I called and they told that I would received either on November 26 or 27. I wasnt worried since I had to be out of the apt on November 30.

I waited and did not receive anything so I called again.

They promised either November 27 or 28. I did not received and again I called and they guaranteed that the latest November 28. Comes November 28 and nothing was delivered. Again I called and again they promised that I would receive on November 29.

Nothing was received and again I called and again they told me that I would receive on the 29. Needless to say, I did not receive anything. Called again and they told me that no later than the 29 I would receive it.

So I get an email saying that I will receive it December 1.

Now, I have to be out by November 30 at the latest before they inspect the apt.

I called amazon November 29 and explained the situation and they said that they dont know where is the item and that they dont know when I would received it.

Now the management company wants to keep my deposit of $1500 because their is a tray missing which is ridiculous to keep $1500 for the oven tray.

Later today I get a text from amazon saying from that they are not sure that I would get the item on December 1 and that they would refund the money paid.

So I asked them that if they suspected that I wouldnt received it, they had 4 days to tell me so but they didnt. And if o wanted the refund thats all they can do and they would give me a credit of $5 to compensate plus the just told thats all they can do.

They had actually 5 days to tell me that I wont received it. And I couldve bought from somewhere else.

I am about to lose $1500 because of a $32 oven tray. I asked to talk to a manager.

The manager in the Philippine told me the same thing. So I asked: you are in the Philippine and the problem is in the USA, how she is gonna handle it from fairway.

The reply was that they would refund me the money plus $5 prize.

I am going crazy here because I am about to lose $1500.

And those companies are money mongers and will not make an exception to wait til December 1.

Now I dont accept that the biggest company in the world does not hiring Americans to work here in the USA.

Amazon is a money grabbing operation.

Its infuriating that they need to make 200% profit instead of less profit.

So conclusion amazon care less about our economy and whether the customer is satisfied. Stupid money mongers.

User's recommendation: Be aware that if you need their help, you better give up the assistance fro their staff.

Monetary Loss: $1532.

Preferred solution: Should refund double the price I paid..... Which would be impossible to happen.

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