We have order the product on 25th December but still we have not received the product. Although it was one day delivery but its been 3days.

On 26th a delivery person called by 9.45pm for the delivery but even though we were on the spot the delivery person didn't deliver the product as i forgot to take my phone and waited down, taking this reason he didn't even com near my home and the delivery postponed to 27th.and again 27th delivery postponed to 28th morning.

Pls let me know how do we call it as one day delivery.

And if not possible to deliver in one day pls do not mention it as one day delivery it is a waste of time for u and for us on waiting i had a very bad experience with Amazon delivery.

Note: If we order with one day delivery it means we need it urgently. Pls do not accept if not able to serve the same.

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

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