I bought a Zojirushi bread machine and the loaves came out lopsided (previous reviews were all glowing). I went on vacation and then made 3 more loaves.

The raisins did not mix and I detected burning. After 9 loaves and 2 months, I decided to return the defective machine. Cathy Z. sent me the mailing label and I returned the item.

She did not tell me that I would have a restocking fee. After receiving the item, I was told that I had $47.71 deducted because I sent it back after 30 days. I was not told that this would occur - the sneaky things that customer service forgets to mention. I now know why Amazon is such a rich company and is traded on the stock exchange.

They charge exorbitant re-stocking fees - usually 10% is charged, and they treat customers like dirt. I immediately cancelled my account and told them that I would never buy on Amazon again.

I really did want a bread maker - but next one won't be from Amazon. A totally dishonest, immoral and scrupulous company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $48.

Location: Prescott, Arizona

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We have owned a Zujirushi breadmaker for almost 10 year, make bread at least twice a week and every loaf is perfect. We love it and have ordered othe Zujirushi products with satisfaction.

Insulated mugs, insulated carafe, electric skillet and others. I expecct I will now be accused of working for the company. This is always a ridiculous accusation. Maybe all the negative comments mean you work for a competitor.

That makes just as much sense.

You are not seeing thousands of positive comments because satisfied customers just happily and quietly use the products. Silly.


I think it depends upon the reason you return the item. If it's defective, then they shouldn't have to restock it! If you just didn't want it, then you'd probably end up getting nailed for it. Their restocking policies ARE vague, though.

I would challenge that with Amazon.

In my experience, it can depend on the CSR you get on the phone. From what I understand, Amazon's people are constantly drilled on good customer service and they'll usually work with you if you're displeased. :)


Since any Amazon comment appears to generate the same mean spirited response, usually within 24 hours have to assume Amazon has a customer service damage control employee surfing the net. Home Depot does the same, yet Home Depot identifies themselves as such and the tone is better.

Amazon, like Walmart has become unmanageable chaos. Profits have taken priority over quality and service. Sellers have a thousand tricks way to scam. Glad your case was able to be resolved. Until the posting never knew about returns and restocking fees, it gives one pause who wants the bother?

Common sense is a restocking fee of $47.71 is crazy, yet someone never-the-less gets on online within hours and defends the practice as standard policy for Amazon. There is no fix for just plain dumb.


This is for Sessa, I guess that you don't understand Amazon as well as you think. They wrote to me and asked me not to cancel my account, and gave me my $47.71 back.

They want me to keep spending money with them. I now know that I must read all of the fine print in the future, but if you Google, you will see that Amazon has lots of complaint articles, and many concern the re-stocking fee and people not knowing all of the rules. Ebay has almost just as many complaints. Stop being rude and making quick judgements on people that you don't know.

I know that you have read all of the complaints, and you are being pegged as a rude person.

This will make you happier in life. ,)


sessa, your comments are getting increasingly disgusting. After repeated nasty comments, whether an employee of Amazon or not you never-the-less are reflecting the worse stereotypes of the whole company. If everyone at Amazon is half as nasty as you, small wonder so many complaints are being posted.

Sara L

Oh goodie, another person who can't fathom that anyone would defend a company on here so just assumes that I must work for said company. Do you have any idea how many companies I've been accused of working for on here?

I'm apparently a busy girl. :roll :roll

Here's the way it works: People post complaints on this site, some are legitimate in my opinion, and some I vehemently disagree with or I feel are the result of consumers not understanding what they are agreeing to or not bothering to read the policies or find out the pertinent information before purchasing. GUESS WHAT? I am then allowed to post my disagreement or irritation with said posts.

Think that's unfair?

Then stay away. Oh and this gem: "the worse(!) stereotypes of the whole company" I don't know a single person who doesn't think Amazon is an awesome company with great customer service, so your characterization is bizarre IN MY OPIONION!

Sara L

I'm sure Amazon is devastated to lose you. No doubt they miss customers who can't be bothered to read the policies on returns that are EASILY accessible, and then *** and moan about them when they don't get what they think they deserve, which of course is always an EXCEPTION to the rules that the rest of us have to comply with.

:roll :roll Did you even buy the item from Amazon? Or did you buy from a SELLER on Amazon that charged you the restocking fee?

@Sara L

I bought it directly from Amazon, and this was one of my first purchases. When talking to customer service, they should explain these things to you, especially since the product was defective. I don't appreciate your sarcastic comments - it shows your lack of compassion.

Sara L

You are absolutely right, I have little compassion for consumers who think they are immune to the policies of a company. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's not up to the company to make sure you know the policies, it's up to YOU as a consumer to know and understand them.

@Sara L

when are you going to stop your nasty comments. Amazon has so many complaints on all levels, and so much fine print that it is their way of being dishonest.

I have seen many complaints on this bread maker, and they should not sell DEFECTIVE Merchandise and not give a full refund. There are over 1,000 BBB complaints on this company. I think that you are a spy for Amazon.

Stop writing your disgusting comments, and yes I am a newbie, and I thought a $250 machine would not break down in 6 weeks of use. So go back to your "lala land" hole and stop attacking everyone.


Look it up, Zojirushi has an A+ rating with the BBB, unlike the statement of one of the following comments. An excellent company. Just a satisfied customer.