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Update by user Jan 22, 2015

I got my money back from the TRS company. but the issue was not resolved in time to complete the purchase in time for Christmas.

Original review posted by user Dec 23, 2014

I would like to start by saying I’ve spent over $15k on amazon over the last 5 years and I told everyone who would listen how great amazon was. I would like to apologize to those individuals and retract my statement for the following reason: My bank failed to complete a transfer request into my main account which left me with no time to wait another day for another transfer as the purchases were Christmas gifts I had to wrap and ship before Christmas, so I set up my checking acct. from that bank to complete the amazon purchase. After which my bank sent the transfer even though online there was no pending transfer and all the money was still in my account.

Amazon uses a 3rd party company (TRS) to guarantee payment so only a portion of my items arrived. So until TRS contacted amazon stating the issue has be resolved my account would stay on hold and since they can’t see my account the status of the other ordered items was unknown. The same day of notification from amazon that there was an issue, I went into my amazon account and changed the payment method for all the items. Then the amazon rep brought TRS into the call on Thursday (12/18) and I offered a credit card to clear those items, that wasn’t an option it was stated the items had to be resubmitted through that ck. Acct. on Fri. 12/19. So I transferred the money back to the original account. On Friday I drove to my bank and they apologized and refunded the fees they charged me and faxed a letter to TRS claiming responsibility for the mistake. I then contacted TRS again to ask why the items haven’t posted. I was told the person who could check didn’t have a telephone, really? Nor could they confirm the receipt of the fax. (they only have a hard fax machine so the paper fax was misplaced) I then brought my bank manager into the 3-way call and she again confirmed it was a bank error and offered to send the fax again which she did. After 2.5 hours on the phone we were given the person who didn’t have a phone and she confirmed it was bank error and had the fax but couldn’t contact amazon until I provided proof that the items were cleared. (that call lasted 3hrs and 5min.)

Later that day the items never posted they didn’t post until two days later on Monday 12/22. I contacted TRS Rep and sent the proof of posting, she forwarded the request for release to her manager and amazon at 9:00 am. At 11:30 I called Amazon and the “account specialist” also didn’t have a phone and they had no way to contact them, they could only send an email and wait for a response. On the first call I spoke with a 1st level supervisor who wouldn’t transfer me to her manager and was rude and she disconnected the call. I called back and got the supervisor’s manager and while on hold I called on my second cell and also got another supervisor’s manager. One of them was unable to help me the other one Rod Santos was able to contact the specialist who was supposed to be in a vacuum and unreachable. Rod stated they had received the request from TRS and I would be receiving an email that my account was no longer on hold. (that call lasted 2.5 hours)

I called amazon at 4pm requesting that my account be released, however no one is able to see an account that is on hold except the specialist in the vacuum that is unreachable by any human. I brought the TRS rep into the call and she confirmed all was corrected and the account should be released, but to no avail because the vacuum people had to release it. (that call lasted 1hr 45min.)

Tuesday morning my account was released and the order for the remaining Christmas presents had been cancelled by Amazon even though they were paid for through my regular credit card that has been on file with them for over 5 years. I tried to reorder but they wouldn’t arrive in prior to Christmas even with 1 day shipping. I will NEVER use amazon again, I found the some of the same items amazon offered on the sellers website for the same price and they promised to deliver by Christmas eve. The other item I found on overstock.com for the same price with free shipping and guaranteed to be delivered on Christmas Eve.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Customer service.

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Yes, They are All CROOKS on Amazon & getting worse, we will NEVER use them again, the people saying, they like them, just wait. Your time is coming!

They WILL take you before its OVER! Hooya