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Amazon has advertised that it is the best place to by merchandise at the best price and that the Vendors that sell their merchandise on the Amazon website are upstanding merchants, making you feel that you will have no issues with anything you buy on Amazons website from the contractors that sell their items on the Amazon website. Well here is what happened, I was looking to purchase a new laptop computer.

After searching the Amazon website, I discovered this Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Touchscreen Flagship Laptop. It told me the size of the drives, the operating system, and it also stated that I would get a 1-year warranty. So, I purchased this Dell Laptop for $909.00 because after reviewing everything that was included in the posting on the Amazon website for this laptop was pretty good deal. Now it wasn’t the best deal, but I figured with Amazon policing its vendors that sell their items on the Amazon website provide me with some reassurances that I would have gotten if I bought the laptop Directly from Dell.

As it turned out after receiving the laptop and only using it for 9 months the laptop takes for ever to start up, then with a week or two I started getting these popups on the laptop stating “Power Manager Lite, your battery no longer operates and needs to be replaced”. So I logged on to Amazon to notify there or the reseller on the website who sold the laptop, that I was having issues with the laptop and I needed them to honor the 1 year warranty and either fix the laptop, or give me another laptop for the failing to work properly laptop that Trivalley Electronics sold to me off the Amazon website or refund my money so I could get a properly working laptop. So, when I went through the Amazon procedure to contact Trivalley Electronics, and contacted Trivalley Electronics by the Amazon e-mail provided to contact Trivalley Electronics. The response I got from Trivalley Electronics was to contact the manufacture Dell, so after hunting all over the dell web page to find out how to contact Dell about my laptop taking forever to start up, and getting these popups on the laptop stating “Power Manager Lite, your battery no longer operates and needs to be replaced”.

Dell stated that the laptop was out of warranty, back in March 2018. I informed Dell that I purchased this laptop on November 18, 2017. Dell then came up with a really good reply, Dell said that they had shipped this laptop to Trivalley Electronics in March of 2017. So, this scam to milk more money out of its customers who buy Dell products from third party resellers, don’t get a full year warranty on their laptop.

I only got a 4-month warranty, and now because of the failing laptop, and battery, I stand the chance to have to spend a couple hundred dollars to get my laptop operational. After speaking with Dell, they told me to ship it back to them in their Return Material Authorization (RMA), which is going to cost me $39.00, plus what ever else might need to be replaced, plus pay for the time of the technician to fix it. That is absolutely absurd. Just to give anyone who wants to know is I working in the Acquisition Department of a Scientific Federal Agency, and had purchased several hundred million dollars’ worth of not only Dell IT Systems, but several top IT Manufacturers IT Equipment.

I know Acquisition Law very well, and I will start filing claims very shortly if this does not get resolved very quickly. Because once I return this laptop to Dell I will be without a laptop for 12 to 15 days which is unacceptable.

I will be speaking with my Dell contacts from my job because when any of that equipment malfunctions, they send a replacement right away, giving my scientific staff to transfer the information that is stored on that IT equipment, then returning the malfunctioning component. I will be filing complaints with the FTC, and Consumer affairs, into this shady practice by Trivalley Electronics and dell.

Reason of review: Warranty issue, Bad quality, Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy, and just ignorant customer service.

Monetary Loss: $909.

Preferred solution: Fix or replace or refund.

Amazon Cons: Getting the order correct, Customer service.

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BUYER BEWARE!!!!! My laptop arrived dead on arrival.

I spent hours trying everything they suggested and it will not even start. Now I learn that my options are return it at my own expense and wait for them to repair it and send it back to me or return it at my own expense for a refund. Since I need a computer now, not two weeks from now, my only real option is to return it and buy another one from someone else. Since it is a $1000 computer, it will obviously not be cheap to ship.

It arrived in a laptop box in which the computer had foam ends holding it in place, and that box was inside a larger box with no padding at all.

I'm sure something shook loose in transit. It isn't right that I have to bear the cost of their mistake.


I would deal with Directly with HP or Dell, as for Amazon he is busy trying to figure out how not give half his worth to his soon to be ex wife, Though he has been posting portraits of himself on the web. Good ol Bob Woodward seems to think he is great. JacA$$$


Do you recommend we try elsewhere, if so, where? I need a laptop that I can get good support with it.

Any guidance will be appreciated I am coming off disability from brain tumors and desire to do some child advocacy work. I don't have money to waste.


That is why I don't shop with any of those companies any more and only deal with trusted providers.


Do not use Trivalley Electronics they do not ship as indicated and now I am stuck try to cancel an order with them, not Amazon who is the vendor that the order was placed with.


Deceptive Computer Sales Tactics by Trivalley Electronics, Dell, and Amazon, is an on going problem with these companies goes to show how shady business have become when they are allowed to skirt the law, and be anonymous not accepting any responsibility. If I did that in my job I would be fired, like these companies should be.


Have read other bad reviews for Trivalley Electronics and More from their sales on the Walmart Marketplace site. The sum total of bad reviews has convinced me to buy elsewhere.


I had a problem with Trivalley Electronics and More as well. Paid $1000 for a Dell Laptop.

here's what happened: -it was Dell outside but Acer inside (motherboard, system, etc.) -overheating -Battery life is really bad that I charged it full but when I wanted to use it at library, I got a message saying "battery is running low". -it just makes too much noise. everyone looked at me in the lecture and library. so I had all these problems within 2 weeks of purchase and I told them I want to return this piece of junk, but guess what?

they said that they are gonna charge me 20% of restocking fee for a return. hahaha


I got a laptop from Trivalley Electronics and More as well, and I've been using it for like 2 weeks. Guess what?

when I got the laptop, which worth $1000, it was supposed to be Dell in the system, but it was Acer stuff everywhere and they were like our technician loaded a wrong image or something, and I was like, how the heck you made a such mistake? I paid freaking $1000 and got a laptop that had the wrong stuff in it. Also, even though it has only been freaking 2 weeks, the battery already got a problem that even though I charged full before leaving my house, when I wanted to use it at library, it had the message saying that the battery was running low... I'm like..

ha... it also makes so much noise and it over heats as well. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THEM!!

Oh and guess what? even though I got a piece of junk like that and want to return it and get full refund of it, they are saying that they will charge me 20% of restocking fee even though THEY SENT ME THAT PIECE OF JUNK!


What happened Next?? Any follow up.