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If you Cannot deliver say so don't string a customer on all day at 10 pm to end day with Tomorrow delivery for a birthday package.

Amazon should make birthday items a priority!!!!5 Birthday items (cupcakes, birthday singing bear, game and a face mask) preordered 2 days before as a Prime member from Amazon for said delivery date on January 14.

First item was miss categorized under Fresh Food. So order placed from advertised cupcakes which was discovered at 11 pm after 3 escalated phone calls it was an empty box under FRESH FOOD category.

On January 14 i call to wish my BFF that her birthday package was scheduled to arrive from Amazon before 3 pm.

Amazon tracker said Package Out for Delivery at 11:44 am from Venice distribution center going to Rotunda West JUST 20 minutes away scheduled for 11-3 window with anticipated Fresh Food ordered item.

Tracker then changed to 5 pm

Then to 7 pm

Then to 10 pm

Then to be told at 10 pm that packages were held at distribution center.

Focus of my call was to get my answers to my order.

I get insulted with a $30 certificate for an order well exceeding $30 and no answer to status.

I get my way through Logistics Alex.

She was a joke, had no answers and no direction of knowing next steps or options. I told her that my brother is a Transportation manager and logistics Oversees drivers.

She did not have any communication with drivers.

Alex ended hanging up on me because she did not have any answers to my complaint.

I look up Venice distribution center and call to get Deborah on the phone who is in Alabama.

She revealed to me that the cupcakes were not FRESH CUP cakes but only a box.

Delivery of this birthday package had been pushed to next day and Amazon is unable to give me any names.

This is not an experience as they say it is. It's AN ISSUE!!!

User's recommendation: Do NOT rely on AMAZON.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Was a good company.

Amazon Cons: Not anymore, Bad delivery serviceoperator at settle head quarters was rude, Poor quality control, Never received a confirmation number for my order, Customer service is god awful.

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You do realize that the company you have ordered from isn’t actually doing the delivery right?? Or are you so blinded by the internet that you can’t figure this out?

Amazon did their part and sent out the packages. It’s NOW the delivery company that is responsible. What I fail to understand is how you can expect a speedy delivery with everything that is happening with covid. Delivery is up by many factors as everyone is doing online ordering.

To expect that you’re going to get your items within a two day window seems more then a bit foolish on your part as you have set expectations that just can’t be met given the current shipping situation. This sounds like you expect them to work on your timetable and that’s just not reality. You should have ordered far earlier.

I’m sure you could have made ten to fifteen mins materialize to buy fresh cupcakes at a grocery store. You know instead of relying on Amazon and whichever shipping company you used.


your not important enough