My bottle of Crossfire Bed Bug Pesticide Concentrate exploded in the box. It stunk up my trailer something fierce.

The smell is starting to dissipate now. I tried like *** to get customer support on the phone immediately, but your robot answered. Third time calling I got a real live person who text messaged me a text that I could not respond to. Sent me another with a OTP that I could not reply to.

I would very much like to apologize for my tone of voice when talking to one of your girls.

Everyone needs to earn a living and no one should have to deal with an ass-hole at work. The situation has been resolved to my satisfaction even though my whole body itches from the exploded box of bed bug killer concentrate. I used to work air cargo. I know, *** happens, and again, I don't know who she was, but please, please, please, find out who she is and apologize to her for me.

I had no rite to speak to her like that. I was just frustrated

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

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