I received the normal notifications Then, I was notified my products were delivered.

I went down to our package area only to find NOTHING !!!!

Then' I get another notification that my package was UNDELIVERABLE. There was no explanation as to why all of a sudden, I go from to packages delivered, to packages undeliverable.

I had to call customer service, to even find out what the *** happened. I then get someone in either India or Pakistan, who I can barely understand. He had such a heavy accent that I had to ask him twice what happened.

It would give me more faith in amazon if the company would call or message me with the real reason my order was not delivered.

If this keeps happening Mr Bezos and Amazon will lose my business, you are not the only company I can use.

It would be nice if you kept that in mind. You are not Godl

Location: Anacortes, Washington

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