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When I ordered the freezer, I was advised that the delivery would be around the 10th. The delivery was today and I didn't get the courtesy of a text, or even a knock on the front door to tell me the freezer was being delivered.

I walked outside to find a large box sitting in my driveway. Not only that, the box was so damaged and mutilated, that there was no way that a critical electric appliance could have survived such a horrendous delivery. Did they open the door and throw it out? Surely, that is what it looked likely to have happened.

I couldn't understand how a company could leave that mess with a customer and leave with a clear conscious. How could they deliver something that looked like it was just flown from the Ukrainian bombings. This is not exaggerated as I immediately took pictures of the mess that was left in my driveway. To say the simplest, I was pissed.

So I immediately called Amazon customer service and was absolutely astonished at how wonderful this company was for taking ownership of an incident that was far from stellar. Without hesitation, I was refunded my full payment. My doubts that I felt for that short period of time when I saw what I thought would be a fight to get another one sent out, were dispelled within minutes. The customer service agent I spoke with was professional and empathetic.

Thank you Amazon for stellar customer service and such quick response, I could not be more pleased. You definitely have my loyalty as a customer and my continued business.

User's recommendation: Don't deal with any business from a company called TG ECOM LLC. This is where the freezer came from and was delivered. They are absolutely horrible. Do believe in Amazon as I have learned first hand, they will make things right.

Amazon Pros: Takes ownership and resolves errors, No cons.

Location: 500 Athania Parkway, Metairie, LA 70001

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