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Today we learned amazon won’t allow us to continue watching videos on the Sony Tv we have used for years. Apparently our tv is too old for their ‘enhanced and improved’ service.

We can, of course, pay them even more money for a device allowing the Sony tv to be watched. Shame on you amazon.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Well, here is some news. They also recently sent me a message saying they will no longer be supporting the Amazon Video App on my Vizio televisions.

I have three of them that have been used to watch prime videos. But wait, lit gets better. "If you wish to continue to watch prime video on your tv you can purchase a Fire TV Stick that will allow you to watch the videos on your tv.

We will give you a $25 discount on the purchase." Shame on you Amazon for a cheap sales trick to try and sell your *** Fire TV service. And the tricks on you because my cable box has Prime Video available without buying your *** Fire TV Stick.