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Update by user Nov 12, 2021

so nothing has changed as far as FedEx still inflicting pain on their customers. I now have two more claims since the last one the lastest one was yesterday I had a doctor appointment at 2:15 pm while I was there I got an email stating that my package was delivered at the door at 10:49am.

I'm so sick and tired of having to validate my whereabout when I know I might have a delivery coming that day and I can't be there and the other claim was last week I was getting a replacement because the orginal package FedEx left while I was visiting my mom in Racine Wis. at the time it was being delivered was stolen I tried telling them not to send a replacement because just like before it also was stolen but they rather did that then to give me my refund but then was out of two items and my refund. I guess since I do validate with videos and send it to the credit card company if I have to show my whereabouts at the time of delivery I truly believe that is the merchant would actually talk to the driver and have him/her to give proof other than them putting in a tracking number to show it was delivered which means nothing and from their the merchant will deny a claim base solely on that. I believe that because I do validate is why my claims are swift normally I would be told it would take 60-90 days for the issue to be resolved but lately is less than thirty days but if these companies and merchant and whomever is in charged of FedEx start holding them accountable this might not still be going on at least to me since 2015 what really *** me off is that I know they been getting a lot of complaints from consumers so either they don't care about what happeing with the very people that depends on their service like my neighbor he was having his diabetes meds deliver and on three occassion I have found them outside on the sidewalk I told him to file a complaint because that's a health issue he asked me what have my complaints done I couldn't answer him now he has to pay others to take him to the pharmacy to get his meds but the driver life probably hasn't change in regards to his job.I live in a dangerous neighborhood if I can knock or ring a bell when I see a package on the their steps,porch or sidewalk the the service that left it there could do the same since they getting paid and I can get hiurt or killed but in all fairness FedEx isn't alone UPS some of their drivers does the same thing and sometimes USPS if if can't fit in the mailbox they will leave it in the hallway instead of just leaving a notice that you have a package .

I don't understand how hard is it to leave a notice .

I think they should all lose their jobs because leaving a notice is so much easier than losing a job then again FedEx is still doing it. I guess now I have to go back to not placing anymore online order last time Amazon closed my account then they reopen after the Pandemic because it started again they sent me a letter saying that my claims was denied because I have reached my limit or refunds so what they really saying is that if I buy something else and the same thing happen again I won't get a replacement or refund because through no fault of mines I had reached my limit of refund that's right people why not punish the consumers but let the real culprit go unpunish how fare is that.

Original review posted by user Nov 05, 2021

This is an update about FedEx and now Amazon I really didn't expect anything to be done about FedEx since I have been dealing with this since 2015 and as long as these companies and seller don't address the situation it's going to keep happening since my last post I have filed four more claims because two packages was left on the sidewalk against the hallway door since I don't have a porch one was left in the hallway which somebody had to buzzed them in which they do when they see one of their trucks because they know what the driver going to do I'm almost sure it's someone in the building, but there's no way in this lifetime that I'm going to confront a person and asked them about it like the crazy people at Amazon wanted me to do come on now if they had it they everybody in the building know whose home and who's not and the other one was giving to a person that was entering the building I'm not sure, but it might have just been someone visiting but either way Amazon solution is to punish me I received a letter stating they will not replace or refund because I have reached my limit of refunds I have filed 10 claims since this year got started . I can understand that they might think something shady is going on but regardless why should I have to keep paying for the choice they make for delivery especially since I have been going through this since 2015, so I had to put it in the credit card company hand, so I won't know whether I will be getting my 190 for at least a month. I told him I have RH and that my husband wouldn't be home until after 5 pm and that the last time this happens when I went to look for someone to help me with a curbside package which I didn't know at the time by the time I came back it was going all he said was this is as far as I'm going I asked him to at least bring it to the hallway since I did pay 25 dollars for shipping again all he said was this is far as I'm going and started walking off I went upstairs leaving it on the sidewalk but when I saw he was coming back I went back downstairs and I peep out I heard him tell someone on the phone that she came back then he started walking off I think he didn't hear me when I said if you don't put it back and returned to sender that somebody is going to take it and I won't be responsible for it, but he kept going now I could have made myself inconvenient by looking out the window until my husband came, but I didn't why should I anyway Amazon solution to the problem was to punish me and not the driver which isn't fair but as soon as I get my refund because if the credit card fails to do their job and get me my refunds I have no problem going to small claims court

User's recommendation: check the delivery method before you place an order.

Monetary Loss: $190.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: Customers service.

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