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I was checking the status of a pick up. The agent assisting me was rude as *** she told me call UPS for pick up status/cutoff time and provided a non-working phone number to UPS.

She really was if no help and had no phone etiquette. Im not sure if she was ready to get off work or something else may have been wrong but her feedback phone etiquette her tone etc. was a give away.

When you contact customer service and get that type of feedback and have the experience that I had it makes you not want to deal with the company and I feel it makes you question a relationship all together. My point is if you do T know get me to someone who can help and if you dont want to deal with phone calls let another person take the call until you feel you are composed/ready..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Price and availabilty.

Amazon Cons: Unprofessional, See review.

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

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