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I needed a special tool, to finish the engine work on my wife's truck. Another website offered the tool for five dollars cheaper than Amazon.

I foolishly opted to order the more expensive version of the same tool from Amazon, as I didn't recognize the name of the company on the other vendors' website. Being as I needed the tool desperately, I paid for overnight shipping from Amazon. I was informed by Amazon that my tool would arrive before 8:00 pm on December 13th. I checked Amazon's tracking #, and the delivery date never changed.

At 9:00 pm on December 13th (one hour after their delivery deadline) I contacted Amazon customer service. The useless customer service agent told me that my tool would be delivered to me sometime before 8:00 pm on December 15th...two days later. She asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I answered that she could tell me exactly where my tool was...exactly what time it would be delivered to me...and that she could refund the overnight shipping charge that I had paid.

She absolutely refused to address any of my requests, but simply offered me a five dollar gift card, instead.

This is infuriating, and (based of the fact that they are charging me for something that they did not deliver...(my overnight shipping))...I believe their actions to be illegal. It would seem to me that Amazon couldn't care less about the promises they make to buyers, or the amounts they charge to buyers without fulfilling their obligations.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Deliver my item immesidately, and refund my overnight shipping charge..

Amazon Cons: Poor delivery service from amazon, That they steal from their customers.

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Amazon's once-vaunted delivery service is now a mere shadow of what it was. They rely on delivery companies like FedEx and others to make the deliveries in the time-frame as promised, but the newest scam is for companies like FedEx to ship your package via something they call "FedEx Smartpost." This means your package will be delivered by FedEx to your local post office, who then promises to deliver it on time---which is problematical, given the inefficiency and unreliability of the post office.

It is now a good idea to not rely on Amazon being able to deliver packages as promised. You can check the tracking of your package on Amazon and see if it was transferred to the post office(USPS) for delivery but be aware that the geniuses at the post office will often label the package as "delivered" when it hits their office altho it has not been delivered. Or, as in my area, they will deliver your package to some stranger down the street.

Shoppers might want to re-evaluate their paying over a hundred dollars a year for Amazon Prime. It is fast becoming something of a joke---if not an outright scam.