My Fire TV at an impasse one day and after reboot it has an indication on the screen to just enter my Amazon account number and I could continue I spent the next five hours from one location to another to third world countries and a better soccer team what is the two people who could not give me any information concerning my account other than the address they had was not the one I was giving you it's the only one I have ever given them did sample protocol that denied me my own information and find something else I forwarded the next hours and the next day to turn my firestick TV on my Prime Membership comes out directly from my bank account monthly no one would Bernadette my account number or give me the information I need to turn my TV back on I threw my hands up and called him a month and could not afford it to come and fix it I knew it would take two or three days for the particular supervisors to get together and actually make the simple decision to address my *** account which they finally did enjoy your day with your day no one's going to repay that service no choice and I already understand that this cost Amazon employee hours I would consider customer care and the quality of the dollar spent

Monetary Loss: $125.

Amazon Cons: Horrible customer service, Poor responsibility lies with your internet respect, Tries to deny a to z claims, Denying responsibility.

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