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Original review updated by user Dec 05, 2021

The last post I was wrong because all I can really think about is how for the last 11 months Amazon employees, some including executive customer relations members and some account specialist as well as customer service employees from Amazon India have discriminated against me as far as 1. A rep making fun of me for having a disability (no where near the first terrible experience I faced with since this began) stating it would be unfair to go at a head to head with me & to which I ask if he knows what he is saying, he then replies because your disabled his next message thereafter said and I quote or are you strong with the force lol i am devastated.

I provided proof and executive customer relations called me and i was in tears that someone was going to help me finally and we talked for an hour and this person gave me her direct line stating I could call or text anytime I needed anything and she would get back to me after a weekend away. Well that number lead straight to her voicemail everytime and not once did she respond back to me and she said she was out of town for the weekend and would have a resolution for me the following Monday after she returns and that wasnt true either she said in an email that was the last time I heard from her I want to ensure the coaching opportunities you've encountered are addressed.

You're right; you didn't receive the type of care we strive to give our customers. My goal here is to make sure the correct team is made aware of this situation and ensure it doesn't happen to anyone else. Another member from ECR issued me a $50 giftcard balance as a token of his apology and thats their resolution??

My family lost so much in a product fire Amazon is liable for as prime was used and it was fulfilled by Amazon including the t shirts I kept of my fathers whom is no longer with us and i have nothing more of his and they promised compensation since day 1 and issued compensation 3x and lied about it. (I got a screenshot where Im told you may receive an email to return the product, please disregard it)

Yet every time I contact Amazon since July 20th theres a notation on my account saying I see you have contacted Amazon many times regarding your compensation requests please refer you the email sent to you on July 20th, no additional insight or actions will be taken on these matters. We ASK that you contact via email only yet they will not respond and they me. 75% of the emails I receive are BS because theyre either from people claiming what a pleasure it was assisting me when I never spoke to them or an email that has absolutely nothing to do with my email/query or an email stating our conversation was peachy when it in fact was the opposite & all of the above has occurred countless times.

The notation on my account is placed by those involved that in everything.


Also the team who put that notation on my account are EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER RELATIONS & the same who have responded to EVERY COMPLAINT IVE FILED WITH THE Better Business Bureau & Washington State Office of the Attorney General Blatantly lying in their responses on Amazons behalf. Also the same people Ive dealt with the whole time.

I have let them all know of my disability honestly hoping they would stop the mistreatment but it continues to get worse by the week. The retaliation and taunting me and violation of my human rights, the unfair and deceptive practices, the corruption, the torment.

I always say this and it is how I feel ..

Ive lost a part of me Ill never get back, Ive lost the innocence of myself, Ive lost enjoyment in just about everything, every relationship I have has/is suffering, I have zero desire to do anything outside of my home, I do not find interests in anything I once did, I am severely depressed. The hyperventilating panic attacks have tripled in frequency, I find it 8/10 sometimes 9/10 on a scale of how hard it is to come out of them and one just does not know unless they know from their own personal experience.. I wish it upon no one. Ive never been given the same access and opportunity as everyone else and I am one person defending myself against so many people.

I cant possibly describe how all of this feels then add autism on top & its miserable

None of you can honestly expect me to be happy and have a smile on my face through all of this.

The seller AND manufacturer have been selling on Amazon the whole time all while ignoring me to the fullest extent and thats so sad.

Some of the reps have impersonated Jeff Bezos via email 2x both from within Amazon both proven fraudulent but no biggie..?

I talked to an employee from the business support line yesterday for 2 hours and she read over all of the communications via email and she apologized profusely while doing so and she got to see some of what I was going through for herself and agreed with me it was not in a position to resolve tbis issue and requested more time to reach out to others to see what can be done and today I get an email that nothing will be done and to when I tell you that was one of the hardest blows Ive taken this whole time, the feeling is inexplainable. I cant I cant I cant understand why Amazon believes everything Ive faced and the commitments and promises as well as issued and lied about compensation does not deserve to be honored and that I deserve nothing when I AM THE VICTIM not the other way around.

Why has Amazon let their employees walk all over me, discriminate against me, threaten me, harass me, retaliate against me, intentionally mislead me, torment me, traumatize me, bully me, scare me, lie on public record complaints on Amazons behalf, if I could add up all the promises and commitments unkept we would be here all day and if I added up all of the issued compensation and promises made for compensation it would total more than $100,000 no exaggeration.

WE LOST A PORTABLE CLOTHING CLOSET HOUSING MORE THAN 90% OF MYSELF & CHILDRENS CLOTHING MOSTLY NEW (Christmas was 2 weeks prior) IT WAS A YEARS WORTH & my dads shirts those are priceless my daughters nikes & my comforter.

Thats it and ALL of this has transpired over something that AMAZON SAID SINCE DAY ONE THAT WE WOULD BE COMPENSATED FOR THE DAMAGES & INJURY AS WELL AS REFUNDED. We were refunded but not compensated. I gagged on that smoke tackling it after taking my children into a safe location.

No I did not call the fire department for 2 reasons 1 wasnt a fire department worthy fire. 2 i am the ONLY person that my children have to count on for absolutely everything and it is my job and my duty to keep a roof over their heads and I feared I would get in trouble and get evicted and if that happened we would be homeless. We dont have the option to stay with family or friends and not to mention we are not anyone elses responsibility. I was scared I was a mess.

My lungs havent been the same since that day and i have seeked medical treatment over it as well. What I really need is treatment for the distress and never ending negative effects all of this has on me and my life. I can 99% guarantee a PTSD diagnosis very soon, rest assured on that although this is not what I want or need.

I need to understand why I Melanie Sumner am

Not worthy enough to receive help with any of what Ive faced? Why I am not worthy the same access and opportunity as others consumers and applicants?

Why am I not worthy enough for any of you to want to step in and help me? Why am I not good enough to be treated with dignity and respect? Why do I deserve this? Why do you guys want to hurt me so bad?

Im sorry I am really am. I know Im not easy to deal with at times and I have certainly been down right mean and foul in the manner in which I have behaved at times, Im not perfect Im absolutely the furthest thing from it and I do not by any means expect any of you at Amazon to be either. WE ARE HUMAN.L but I do expect to be treated equally.

my relationship with my boyfriend and father of our children has suffered so much I truly dont think we can overcome this.

it does gets tiring being treated like theres something wrong with me and Im not equal to. I am a woman with autism and I do require patience and understanding.

I am navigating this life with a different set of eyes. A heart and soul that feels entirely too deeply and processes information and feelings and signals far more different than your average person. I over think something that is absolutely nothing to anyone else, for only a week if I am lucky.. for example a comment someone made to me as a grocery store that the commenter wont think twice about will ruin my week and I hate it I hate that I am that way.

I try not to show it on the outside but on the inside I am crying my heart out and begging god to help me understand any of this and praying someone within Amazon would help me and care about how I feel and what their employees are doing to me and try to understand all of this FROM MY VIEW .

Try to put yourself in my mind, body and soul and imagine everything from my eyes and heart.

I really really want to enjoy the holiday and get this enormous weight off my chest, my mind, body and soul. I will definitely not give up & will continue to find my voice praying I reach someone who can help us.

Preferred solution: The compensation that’s been “issued” to me and lied about as well as the promises and commitments made to me for compensation and unkept. .

Amazon Pros: Lots of merchandise to choose from, Good prices and delivery is quick, Most services are good.

Amazon Cons: Customer care.

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