I ordered coffee from AMAZON what I got was a 5 pound bag of Tiger knobula that was stale and horrendous so I did a live chat and they had me send it back no big deal I was refunded .Then they wanted a review of the coffee I wrote it and later that day I am sent a email saying they will not post my review plan and simple.All I said was my opinion that it was stale nasty coffee I received. I thought oh well most be a employee for Amazon so they don't like bad feedback on gross coffee.So I ordered from their subscribe and save shop.I get a 5 pound bag of coffee (a different brand) that was split with what I am guessing a carpet knife (U.P.S.

most have been dropping coffee beans clear across the state threw the hole in the corner of the box what arrived was 3 and half pounds of beans).I will think twice about ordering in the future this was a clear message everything was fine with the package (except the hole in the box) the bag had a perfect slice down the middle). :sigh

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amazon fail again. long term amazon lover now I will not order anything from them at all.

I have a credit on my account because they think if you are upset they will give you free money and you will be happy again.

Not So customers want our reviews heard and listen to we want to say when a product is bad and get the word out. How can we trust any review on amazon when they will not print what we say if we are negative.

to Anonymous #802061

That sums it up.The more I think about it ,it leaves you with the feeling ,like you are shopping for a car at one of the sleaziest car dealships in your city.

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