I work for a custom shop and order many unique items from Amazon daily. We receive probably 10-15 packages a week from amazon and 9/10 the drivers are rude and inconsiderate of business practices.

Just today we had a driver go to our lobby area where our customers are and try to deliver 2 packages (we have signage everywhere out front stating deliveries go to the rear of the building) and our receptionist let him know deliveries go to the back of the building to which he replied "can you not just take these packages here?".

He then walked outside and threw the packages next to a fire exit door on the side of our building (My superior just so happen to be walking to his vehicle and saw them laying there).

This is a common occurrence for Amazon delivery drivers to scoff at our receptionist for informing them that the deliveries go to the back. Also very common for them to leave packages outside after business hours and during business hours.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Get out of the delivery service industry or fix your hiring credentials... Maybe even have an automated service that would have use rate the delivery experience to hold your drivers accountable cause you clearly arent with the amount of complaints I see .

Amazon Pros: Quick purchasing, Product selection, Product price.

Amazon Cons: Terrible customer service, Atrocious delivery drivers.

Location: 1800 Shady Oaks Dr, Denton, TX 76205

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Shouldn't matter if Amazon contracts out delivery. Ultimately its their product and they are responsible for shipping.

How else would you get a shipment from Amazon????? Not like "we" the customer has a choice.


Amazon delivery drivers are contracted out. Amazon Does Not directly hire their delivery drivers.


So, Amazon has no responsibility for drivers representing their company? Pretty *** poor water carrying response there skippy