I hate Amazon. Long story short they promised me free expedited shipping to use on a new order because I complained about a previous order.

They applied one day shipping for free to that new order, but they shipped the package ground instead of next day air (The proof is in the tracking details, but Amazon doesn't care enough to prove me right. I'm in the wrong. Never them.). So it says I got free one day shipping, but I didn't.

I got free standard (a.k.a. ground) shipping because I spent so much money on the order anyway. I complained and said I wanted that shipping offer on another order since I didn't receive any upgraded shipping on that previous order and everyone I talked to said nothing could be done until I finally got someone who was willing to refund me for my shipping charges on a new order, but since I couldn't afford two day shipping (the highest level offered on this new order) they just refunded me $5.99 for the standard shipping. Still not free expedited shipping like I was promised (in writing through an e-mail).

So that's the first issue. On that newer order (where I got the refunded shipping charge) I see that a product that I just bought (three days ago, May 29th) dropped in price after I paid for it. I asked for the difference to be refunded and they refused because they don't have a price match policy. The order didn't ship yet so I told them I'd just cancel the order and place it again, but, surprise, surprise, the order is too far along to be cancelled.

So I'm screwed a second time. Then I was given an offer for 50% off of Prime because I have an EBT card. The words said trial, but it wasn't a trial at all and a card I had on my account was charged $5.99 plus tax. I immediately asked for a refund and was told it could take up to 5 days.

So they can take the money out immediately, but it takes days to return it. Great.

Amazon is a terrible company when it comes to customer service and I never want to use them again. Facepalm

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

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