I placed an order for some Keepsake ornaments. The Amazon site said they would arrive in 5 days.

I watched the tracking and for 7 days it didnt progress so I called Amazon Customer Service. I was refunded. I asked about what happens if I still receive my order. I was told if the order arrived to call back to be re charged.

The order came. I called Customer Service again. I was told I didnt have to pay for the order or return the order because it was late. Two days later I got emails saying my return had been processed and to print out the return labels and send the order back.

I called Amazon AGAIN and was AGAIN told I needed to do nothing. This was my frustration.

It had nothing to do with the Vendor. I feel world events caused the lag and the Vendor should not be slighted for this..

User's recommendation: Make this purchase cause we love the ornaments!!!!!

Location: Coralville, Iowa

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