I am not satisfied on the fact that we have to wait for an order that was purchased in November and cannot get the purchase until a month later when the package is for a gift for someone. The other issue I am not satisfied with about the company is since the order will not be shipped out until you decide to ship it why our funds have to come out a be paid for right away, but we dont receive our product within that 2-7 business days.

I feel if our product is not shipped within that day then our funds should be on hold until our product is shipped out.

Last reason why Im not satisfied is when Amazon says that our items are shipped and snap a pic of our items as being delivered and out of those packages we dont receive all of our items that show and we have to call customer service to be refunded for our product. Like I stated before up above those items could be gifts and we dont receive all then we have to wait not only for our refund, but then our items are not delivered properly as well and people dont receive there gifts at a timely matter then we have to go through other retails to find something else for a special occasion day when in fact that when we place an order thats what customers want.


Regards Amber

Location: York, Pennsylvania

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