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Whole Foods failed to give me TWENTY THREE of my items ordered through the pick up service. How does that happen??

I wouldnt be so upset if I didnt live 30 mins away, traveling with a newborn, and Im sick (with symptoms that include a cough which is why I chose this method instead of shopping myself). And my only recourse is to request a refund? WF should be packing my missing items and sending somebody out to my house to deliver free of charge. This is total bs.

And now Im trying to confirm my refund request was received and I cant get a human on the phone and the automated system just went silent and stopped talking. I feel like Im getting the runaround from a robot. I cant explain how upset I am over this in a civil way. If I were without child and healthy this would just be an annoying inconvenience but considering my circumstances this is horrible.

One last issue- when I called the store that failed me so terribly, the woman on the phone was nice but she didnt ask the name of the order so somebody could perhaps speak to the employee who did the shopping and let them know what they did so they dont do it again. And does nobody check the orders before they go out? Again, it was TWENTY

THREE items, its not like they just forgot my chap stick. I cant make dinner tonight because I didnt get my chicken broth, one of TWENTY THREE items not received.

Why does the store not care about learning from their mistakes and coaching the employee who did such a bad job? This is how systems improve. But no, it was just left up to me to get the refund and figure out a way to get my items a second time around.

Great. Thanks for the convenient service.

User's recommendation: Don’t bother using this service, it’s clearly too much for the store to handle.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: 300 East Stonewall Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

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