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Im pissed at Amazon I paid for a almost $30 speaker ,they took it out of my account said that the transaction was declined, did not refund a speaker or my money and just threw their hands up. Mind you, I paid on a prepaid card,,,, so in my mind, I think that Im the one that put the money on the card and they are the ones that took the money off .only two recipients on this transaction.

Now if Im stating that yes I did put the money on and yes I did purchase the speaker and finally and most importantly I received confirmation from the card that the money was taken off in order to purchase this particular item, all I asked them to do is one job give me the item or my money. My money didnt go anywhere else ,it couldve gone anywhere else But to this speaker set to be delivered January 15, 2022 the next day.

They cleared it off of my account so I couldnt even see my past history on buying the speaker type ish. man ,,please, Ive been a long time prime and Amazon user , this anit my first go round so I dont know whats happening or why they playing with me but itll be a while before I ask Amazon for anything Ill go get it myself before I get played like that again.

User's recommendation: Give me my order.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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