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Driver called from gate to resort . Said couldnt get in .

Told him to

Call office like they always do . He said no he would just leave package here . I said wait I could be there in 5 minutes . He said not heavy just leaving it .

Well it was heavy for this 70 yr old lady . Besides there was no reason at all for package to be left there for anyone to take . Told by our office that they were there and nobody called to be let . Plus all he had to do was call Amazon and they would of given him code for the day .

He was too lazy and in a hurry ! This 70 yr. old lady had a hard time getting package into my car . It was fencing !!

Shame on him ! Hope he gets a talking g to .

Preferred solution: Apology.

Amazon Cons: Hard to talk with someone, Atrocious delivery drivers.

Location: 151 Brannan Island Road, Isleton, CA 95641

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