on Christmas Eve fraudulent charges were made to my Amazon account. Customer service was not able to resolve my issue.

I had to fill out some sort of documents that were required and I could not contact the department that handles those issues. They will only contact customers by email. The emails they sent to me are no reply email. the only email, pissed consumer, is what we've received from or about the issue.

Nothing has been resolved and it's been over a week. The customer service was absolutely terrible, no one seemed concerned that I had multiple fraudulent charges from India on my account and no one was willing to help me out on a holiday weekend. Working in customer service myself, this is the worst service I have ever had or seen given to a customer. I've tried to contact Amazon on multiple occasions to get this issue resolved and their account services department are only able to be contacted through submitting documentation.

There are no phone numbers or email addresses to contact them. The whole experience has been absolutely abhorrent.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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