I have specific instructions to put packages on porch, my package was left in my front yard leaning against my home, there was another package that looked to have been cleanly cut on seal and the bubble wrap was laying on the ground.. IT QASNT EVEN MY PACKAGE it was for Lot 17, so I walked it to the right trailer.

The next day a white van with Amazon sticker decides to FLY through on 5 MPH speed limit community. I tried to stop him to tell him to slow down because kids are now getting off the bus, but he mouthed something and flew past me.. Thus is an everyday thing when their in the park. If the drivers are having a hard time finding lot #s they should ask someone if they are outside, while he was speeding through the park I had 3 other neighbors standing outside their homes too waiting to tell him to slow down.

Packages arriving open, wrong homes, and not where they're suppose to be left.

Packages have been left at Burdicks Garage at the end of our road and thankfully the people who own the garage brought those Packages to our park manager and she delivered them to rightful owners. we as customers shouldn't have to do their job.

Location: Jamestown, New York

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