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DI received an email last Friday that my order #111-909****-0976218 was delivered to me. My property manager in an upscale bldg of Los Angeles said they did not have the package.

I phoned customer service, and was transferred, interrupted, disconnected and accused of me not telling the truth!! It was for a lousy cheap order of Dixie cups for the bathroom. I wasted over an hour on the phone. Every one I talked to was ruder and ruder.

You have the worst employees. Furthermore, if I do not receive a refund immediately to my charge account, I will call my attorney and have a crime reported about Amazon stealing and not delivering merchandise. I will make sure that news and TV stations will know about how Amazon treats their customers. It's not about the money It's less than $25.00 I think.

But that's not the point. A crime has been committed against me and I expect immediate action taken.

And if my lawyer gets involved Amazon will have to pay the legal fees as well. You are messing with the wrong person!!!

User's recommendation: do not buy any merchandise from this company, they are not trustworthy.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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