I buy merchandise for my 91 year old cousin. She had a kindle charge on her credit card and she doesnt use kindle and I did not use her account for kindle so we became suspicious that someone was using her card.

I looked at her credit card charges and saw a whole bunch of Amazon charges that said bookstore. We asked credit card not to pay on these charges. Next thing I know I am frozen out of my prime account (been a member for years) cannot watch prime video or any of my paid subscribers through prime. I call Amazon customer service and find these charges are legit and were for food orders, etc, so I call bank to reinstate charges and pay on them.

This is on behalf of my cousin. My credit card was not involved.

Two days later and I am still waiting for Amazon to open my account. Some reward for being a loyal prime customer!

User's recommendation: Don’t expect Amazon to contact you with a problem or care about you as a loyal customer.

Location: Whiting, New Jersey

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