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After spending 2 weeks trying to purchase the product at 1150 (They kept offering 1150 and price changing it less than an hour later to 1330+ they did this 3+ times) I finally managed to buy at the lower price system or so I thought.

After amazon sent the invoice on the 31st, with a delivery date of the 5th, I waited and proceeded to see them mark up the price and continue selling the product until the 5th, on which point I checked the listing and realized amazon had removed it (Product was sold and shipped by amazon)

Amazon continued selling the product at a higher price after my invoice and after contacting them I was told that the product will never be shipped and they will not be restocking the product I had purchased.

The company deliberately sold the product at a higher price 5+ days to other people after I made my purchase only to never sell it to me because I bought it for less saying they sold out.

10/10 scummy business practice I have never felt more frustrated from a business

User's recommendation: Cancel prime and stay away from amazon the company itself scams and engages in bait and switch tactics. If you have to engage with the useless support (Offer no help at all), talk to them about wage theft and unionization.

Monetary Loss: $974.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Pros: Low price before bait and switch.

Amazon Cons: Bait and switched on prices repeatedly, Delivery was a scam delay process, Never intended to keep honest deal, Wasted weeks of my time with no recompense at all.

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