On April 1 i received my gazebo cover which was the wrong color I returned the beige cover and received the green cover i originally ordered. Then when i tried to install it, it was the wrong size so i called and they told me to return it and they would issue me a refund I did return the green Gazebo cover on April 22 of which i have proof and will add it below.

I never received a refund when i called and emailed lots of time I was told they never received the wrong color one which i returned in the first week of April after i before i received the right item. Now they are claiming they never received that one I no longer have the slip that i send it in the first week of april, since i thought they received it because they did send me the correct item. I am very upset by all this and all i want is my refund so i can finally order the right cover to put on my gazebo.

Maybe you can straighten this out. The item number i ordered and returned was 114-9633785-1803451

Monetary Loss: $154.

Location: Palm Springs, California

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