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I made an order with Amazon. I was told item would arrive in 2 days.

Then I was not notified that the item was delayed by more than a week. I had to find this out by accessing the web site. If this company had acted more responsible, Amazon would have emailed me about the delay.. There was no notice from them whatsoever.

I had to go onto their web site that my product was further delayed by more than a week. The day approached for the item to be delivered, and I went on the web site again. This time the order had disappeared. I called customer service and I reached one of the stupidest customer service representatives ever, who kept repeating in bad English, "Uh, I am sorry about this one.

I am sorry about this one, I apologize about this one." The truth is the customer service rep should have been sorry for more than "this one." The rep should have been sorry for her manner and behavior, the missing item, and the whole Amazon nightmare that I was experiencing. I was rudely told that the order had been cancelled. Amazon did not try to notify me by email or by any other method about this cancelled order. The representative, in a very condescending voice, told me that my payment had been put back onto a gift card, from which the transaction was initiated.

There was no indication anywhere on the Amazon web site that my order had been cancelled and the payment was returned to my gift card. There was no other way to get this information, except for me to make this awful and nasty call to a horrible customer service representative with no descent communication skills whatsoever. If I had not actively sought out the information about the cancelled transaction, I might have thrown away the gift card during this long waiting process for my item. This would have really complicated issues, however my caution was the crucial factor here.

The entire experience left me with so much distrust for Amazon that it makes me want to see this company broken up into pieces.. The company is so big that they treat customers like waste matter.

I was left with so much anger toward Amazon that I am absolutely compelled to write this bad review and tell as many people as possible about my disastrous and failed attempt at a routine purchase with Amazon. I will not forget about this.

User's recommendation: Do not trust Amazon and their customer service to do the right thing. Be very careful.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: I think it is evident what is wrong here by my description.

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I am an unhappy customer, and that is putting it as mildly as possible