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Pathetic games. There's really nothing else to think about their customer service?

microphones cutting out and this happens all the time now unless you get up to the top operators. Wasn't abusing them either just wasn't taking their scripted answers to an issue that should've been as plain as day to them. When I told the operator this today about the mic, they proceeded to make it even worse - that's childish and unprofessional, why even bother with thanking me for being a Prime member, why am I even paying for it? So, if anyone else has had this mic bs happen when you've called, please comment.

I already know they blacklist people who make a lot of returns and I'm starting to think they're doing the same to folks with Prime who place too many orders or want to know about their refund status, it took 3 calls to get past the mic game operators and get the correct answer and I've mentioned this mic issue to them before, so either they all have defective mics - not likely - or I'm on a list. Also, I ordered a certain food item which there was an issue with 2 times, the first time I let it go as the whole case wasn't affected just 2 boxes, the other case was fine. The 2nd time it was one entire case, only one of two cases was fine, that means the bad case shipped in that condition, so I called was nice about it and didn't say it was both cases when asked, just the one which they sent me another. But when I went to reorder again same day, there was only one seller offered, the most expensive one.

So, I logged out and cleared out all their cookies and went back to them using search bar not bookmark, without logging in and up pops 12 sellers, as it was before this issue. Why the game? Even so I placed an order, in the meantime there was an order that the seller said I should cancel so that I could alter it which I did and they accepted, told me I would be refunded in 2 days, let 3 days go by still no refund, wrote to them and they said Amazon handles that, called Amazon and they said no the seller is the one. By now I'm getting conflicting emails from different people on the sellers end who don't seem to know that they already agreed to the cancellation - which they suggested, and were now trying to go back to the "I have to request it stage", I had to reply as to how we're already to the refund stage and where is it.

I wasn't going to reorder until I was refunded for the first order and this is the reason why.

So the other order I placed I get sent an email the next day saying due to a lack of availability the item was no longer able to be sent - when I ordered it, it was in stock and in progress due to be delivered the following day. Amazon wants $20 more for Prime, they better up their Prime customer service if they expect us to pay Prime rates.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop allowing your reps to pretend their mics are fine or get them new ones..

Amazon Pros: Upper level customer service, Prime initially, Agents who know what to do whose mics work, Way i was treated by cs prior to this incident.

Amazon Cons: Lower level customer service microphone cut out games, Having to call three times to get to upper cs, No longer being able to access all sellers of product, Feeling that im on a list for no good reason, An order that was in progress next day delivery cancelled.

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