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Two years ago I signed up for a Chase/Amazon credit card for the rewards. This week I received a call from Chase that they had declined a $1000+ purchase from an on-line retailer. They asked if I had made the purchase, and I said that I did not order from the merchant. Somehow my credit card number was acquired by an unauthorized person.

The problem is that I used the Amazon card only for purchases. After I received it, I wrote VOID in the signature space on the back of the card and put it in a file folder in my filing cabinet. It was never in may wallet, it never left the house, and it was never used for any online purchases except from Amazon. I cut is up when Chase cancelled the card for the fraudulent purchase attempt.

I contacted Amazon about the security breach and received the standard form letter about other family members using the card and requesting more information. I had explained in my first contact with Amazon that the card never left my house, and it was used only for Amazon purchases by me. I do not store the credit card number on my computer, so the only way it could be found would be from Amazon or Chase.

If Amazon was the source of the breach, it would have huge effects on their business. The same is true for Chase. Both have business reasons to sweep this under the rug.

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My husband and I are having the same problem right now! After using it for the rewards strictly in Amazon its been hacked through Amazon marketplace and neither company helps. They just keep blaming each other.


Same thing just happened to me. The card NEVER left the house and was in no way in contact with human beings.

It was only used and stored in the Amazon website AND known by, of course, Chase. Someone has obviously gotten into one of their systems, but today, both are either denying it or just don't know about any large-scale breach yet. It would really bother me if it were amazon, though, because usually more than one card number is stored there!

At least with Chase, you just lose the ability to use your card for less than a week or so, and then get a replacement and business as usual. I'm going to call Chase in a couple of days and asking that investigation is panning out.


It is evident that Chase has had a major security breach over the past few months. As an online retailer, I have had upwards of 200 calls regarding fraudulent use of a card and each time, it is a Chase credit card.

The charges are not approved as the culprit does not have the security code to go along with the number. We sale high end items that they are looking to purchase and resale.

I contacted Chase fraud department and they seem to careless. If a consumer does get hit with fraudulent charges it is the retailer who takes the hit in the end, not the credit card company.


nikalseyn - After the card was mailed to me, it never left the house and it was used only for Amazon purchases. No other cards I use for on-line purchases at other e-tailers have been compromised.

I scan my computer daily for malware. If Amazon or Chase were not the source of the breach, why are my other cards still secure?

John N

So, what is the point of your complaint?? This happens alot.

Not just to Chase or Amazon but to all businesses. You reported it to Chase and Amazon. Give them all the info you can and they will take care of it.

You are not responsible for a fraudulent charge. You make it sound like Chase and Amazon are bad companies just because someone, somehow fraudulently used your card.